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Freelancer Social Media Marketer

Since completing the course I certainly feel much more informed and knowledgeable and it has really helped my confidence and encouraged me to continue learning. It has also helped me to competently explain to my clients what I am doing with the platforms, what I need from them and why maybe we don’t have the millions of followers they are hoping for!


Founder, Tabbi Eats

The Foundation in Social Media Marketing appealed to me as it is very practical - what I learned that day, I could go and implement straight away. After the live lessons I couldn’t wait to plan out my content, experiment with different hashtags or try posting at different times of the day.


Founder, Gifted Local

Doing the Foundation in Social Media Marketing course has enabled me to plan my social media strategy for my new business with a lot more confidence than if I had been trying to do it on my own. On my own, there would have been a whole lot of trial and error, worry and guesswork. I’ve already had a British TV actor follow me on Twitter which was all down to what I’ve learnt from Digital Mums!

Mel & Klara

Founders, Marketing Lab

We encourage anyone thinking about studying this course to do it! It is a great course whatever level you’re coming in at, and the Digital Mums team will support you every step of the way. It may even give you the bug for learning in the same way it has for us.



Since starting the Foundation in Social Media Marketing course, I have seen my confidence improve and the tweaks that I’ve started implementing are already showing results on the business accounts for my new freelance business. I have learned a lot about the strategy side of things which I had no idea was such a large part of social media marketing.


Founder, LovethePix

I had looked at other courses that were more ‘learn at your own pace’ but I liked the fact that the Digital Mums course included weekly webinars to keep you on track and motivated. The course has helped me create a clear direction for communicating the business on social and shown me how to improve our presence, in particular, on Facebook and Instagram.

Course curriculum

Find out exactly what we cover

  • 1

    Course Fundamentals

    • Key Dates for the Course

    • Self Assessment

    • Frequently Asked Questions

    • How to join our Live Lessons delivered via webinar

    • Live Lesson recordings

    • Webinar tech troubleshooting

    • Editable templates & Trello boards

    • Slack | Your student community

    • How to use Loom

    • Course access dates

  • 2

    Week 1 | An introduction to social media platforms and tools

    • Welcome to Week 1

    • Dive into the world of social media with our introductory podcast series

    • An introduction to Audio Networking

    • A guide to using social media marketing tools

    • A Glossary of all the useful tools out there (and Trello board)

    • A guide to the hashtag

    • A Business Case Study | Stella LDN

    • A Business Case Study | Stella LDN

    • Optional Challenge

  • 3

    Week 2 | Aligning your strategy around your target audience

    • Welcome to week 2

    • Understanding Your Audiences

    • Why you need a strategy on social

    • Blank persona template

    • Social media strategy template

    • Examples of user/buyer personas

    • Examples of user/buyer personas | Advanced

  • 4

    Week 3 | Creating a sociable brand

    • Welcome to Week 3

    • How to rock the social media party

    • Social media etiquette

    • Why is a sociable brand important?

    • Developing a consistent, sociable brand | Step 1: Defining who you are

    • Developing a consistent, sociable brand | Step 2: Defining your audience

    • Developing a consistent, sociable brand | Step 3: Defining your brand sweet spot

    • Developing a consistent, sociable brand | Step 4: Develop your brand pie chart

    • Examples of sociable brands (download)

    • The Right Tone of Voice

    • Blank Sociable Brand Templates

  • 5

    Week 4 | Developing an influencer strategy

    • Welcome to Week 4

    • Influencer marketing

    • Examples of influencer lists

    • Create your own influencer list

  • 6

    Week 5 | Crafting a content strategy

    • Welcome to Week 5

    • Why is content so important on social media?

    • What is content on social media?

    • User generated content and the benefits

    • Content Creation vs Content Curation

    • Crafting a content strategy

    • A downloadable guide to content curation

    • A downloadable guide to drafting compelling social media posts

    • A guide to Trello

    • Editorial content template

  • 7

    Week 6 | Getting it right on Facebook

    • Welcome to Week 6

    • An introduction to Facebook - who uses it and why?

    • Why prioritise Facebook for your business?

    • Understanding the Facebook algorithm

    • What does good look like on Facebook?

    • Facebook Strategy #1 | Pay to play

    • Facebook Strategy #2 | Maximise engagement

    • Facebook Strategy #3 | Use groups

    • The optimal frequency for posting on social media

    • Understanding Facebook Groups

    • The Future of Facebook

  • 8

    Week 7 | Getting it right on Instagram

    • Welcome to Week 7

    • An introduction to Instagram

    • Who uses Instagram and why?

    • Why prioritise Instagram for your business?

    • Understanding the Instagram algorithm

    • Instagram Strategy #1 - Quality visual content

    • Instagram Strategy #2 - Use Stories

    • Instagram Strategy #3 - Optimise your posts

    • Shopping on Instagram

    • An Introduction to Instagram Reels (videos 20 mins)

    • An introduction to Instagram Stories

    • What does good look like on Instagram?

    • Masterclass with Motherpukka

    • The Future of Instagram

  • 9

    Week 8 | Getting it right on TikTok

    • An short Introduction to TikTok Part 1 (15 min audio)

    • An Introduction to TikTok (video)

    • Who uses TikTok and why? (video)

    • Why prioritise TikTok for your business? (video)

    • Understanding the TikTok algorithm

    • 20 Content ideas and inspiration for a business

    • TikTok useful business resources

  • 10

    Week 9 | Getting it right on Twitter

    • Welcome to Week 9

    • An introduction to Twitter

    • Who uses Twitter and why?

    • Why prioritise Twitter for your business?

    • Understanding the Twitter algorithm

    • Twitter Strategy #1 - Have conversations

    • Twitter Strategy #2 - Share great content

    • Twitter Strategy #3 - Listen as well as talk

    • What does good look like on Twitter?

    • How to use Twitter lists

    • A downloadable guide to Twitter Chats

    • Twitter changes and what they mean for your strategy in 202‪1‬

  • 11

    Week 10 | Getting it right on LinkedIn

    • Welcome to Week 10

    • An introduction to LinkedIn

    • Who uses LinkedIn and why

    • Why prioritise LinkedIn for your business

    • LinkedIn Strategy #1 - Quality content

    • Understanding the LinkedIn algorithm

    • LinkedIn Strategy #2 - Listen as well as talk

    • LinkedIn Strategy #3a - Employee advocacy

    • The Future of LinkedIn

    • LinkedIn Strategy #3b - Social sales

  • 12

    Digital Badges and next steps

    • Download your badge here

    • Course description for your CV or LinkedIn profile

    • How to upload your badge to your LinkedIn profile

    • Example strategy document for Stella LDN

  • 13

    Bonus content | Ensuring your strategy is data driven

    • An iterative approach to testing your social media strategy

    • The importance of data-driven decision making in social media

    • Understanding Metrics and KPIs

    • Tracking website traffic

    • Downloadable guides to the platform analytics

    • Bonus lesson on Social Sales

    • Optional Data Challenge